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3 Simple Tools For Time Management

Time Management is one of the key challenges for the working population. Even if you are a full-time parent, time management is crucial. In this blog, we will share few simple tips, based on the principles of Positive Psychology

The first tool is awareness of what you “should not do” every day. It is not an easy task, but you can use a journal to reflect on time wasters of a working day. If you write a journal for a month, you will know what those time wasters were. Accordingly, you may create a “not to do list”, which will make you aware consciously and subconsciously about what you should not necessarily do.

The second tool is to create your own personal purpose statement. For example, you are a supply chain manager with a courier company and your day-to-day job is to transport packages to different locations, what would your purpose statement look like? Let us assume that you write this purpose statement, “I am driven by my passion towards helping people and organizations get their packages on time as it helps my customers grow their businesses”. Now, you may take a print of it and stick at your home desk and at work. This would remind you every day about what were those important tasks which would add value to your customers. Accordingly, you will arrive at attending to what is urgent and important.

The third tool is to make small changes every day (a journal helps) and always asking this question to yourself – Can I be 5% better than yesterday? If this becomes a practice, your subconscious mind will drive you towards better time management.

These are some of the hacks you can follow. If you need coaching for better time management, you may call on +91 995 900 0967 (India mobile number)

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